Saturday, February 03, 2007

I want to learn to...

Theres a few things id really like to learn to do. Most of which ill never do because im a sook! Like skydiving. My cousins both go regularly...and they were 13 and 14 the first time they went! and they loved it. My stepdad and stepsister have both been as well, and swear they've never done anything better!I made a promise to myself that id do it on my 21st birthday....well im 26 this year and still havent gone.

I want to learn to ride a motorbike properly. My best friends husband tried to teach me to ride his dirtbike and i loved it (even tho i crashed it into a tree- dont worry, no serious injuries), but i wouldnt be able to ride it by myself. id be to scared of stacking it!

I want to learn to play golf. Actually this is something i am learning to do at the moment. i mainly want to learn so Jira and i have something we can do together on the weekend that gets us outside! both of us spend way too much time on the computer! lol. So far Jira has taken me to the driving range a few times to teach me how to actually hit the ball and weve played together twice. First time i was only 33 over par! lol. tho it was better than i thought i would be. The second game i played so badly i threw a tantrum and said i wasnt scoring anymore! hehe

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Anonymous said...

I would love to find something like that dh and I could do together...great idea!