Tuesday, February 06, 2007

BLOG PROMPT - my life is happy because...

my life is happy because for the first time in a long time i feel really content, just with what i have right now.

I have a new job, that while the work is somewhat repetitive im not bored, im not exhausted, i havent got a headache from screaming kids etc....

I travel an hour each way to work on the train but it doesnt bother me. In fact its quite often the nicest part of my day! Time to read, catch up on sleep, do puzzles in the newspaper, listen to music or just chill and relax

Im not overly worried about our financial situation. Of course id like to not worry about it at all, but the new job (and new salary!) take alot of the weight off my mind.

Jira and i havent had any major fights in ages! tho now that ive said that im sure we'll have a screaming match tonight! lol

My family are all well and happy

I caught up with friends on the weekend and had a great time just hanging out.

AND, and this is the big one for me....im not constantly thinking that i want to start having children. For the past probably 2 years, weve wanted to start a family, but due to our financial commitments it just wasnt possible. But weve set a firm date to start trying for kids in the middle of next year - NO MATTER WHAT! The middle of next year doesnt seem so far away, and im determined to enjoy the last couple of years we have left as a couple.


Tink said...

Wonderful list of happy thoughts. And next year will sneak up on you before you know it.

loonyhiker said...

I love the look of your blog, by the way! I'm so glad that you and Jira discuss together about planning to have children. Too many times I see one person pressuring the other to have one when they are not ready. I think honesty and trust is what makes relationships last and it sounds like you and Jira have a solid foundation.

Meg said...

Wahooooo!!! What a great life you're having right now, reading about it made me smile! Good luck with all of your goals, too. It sounds like you both have thought a lot about them.