Saturday, March 31, 2007

lookey lookey!

my blog gotta makeover! yay! not yay to the fact i spent about a week stressing over html code and reading up on blogger. And then today all of a sudden i got it all to work! woo hoo! bout time too because i was on the verge of a panic attack. Its not exactly what i was going for but im happy and not touching it for a long time! (tho if anyone knows how i can centre my title let me

Anyway while im here might as well do an update! But theres not alot to tell actually! Ive been very boring lately. Doing some overtime at work and then coming home to stress over my blog is about it.

I gave myself a break tonight and went to Tam and steves for a bbq. Their neighbour Naddine and Anthony came over as well. Had a good time until i got a case of allergies and decided to come home before i broke out in hives. I wish we had neighbours our age. We have a young family next door, but they have an awful lot of kids (about 5 i think) and they keep to themselves. Plus our dogs killed their dog last year so were not exactly gonna be best buds with them.

On the other side is a nice lady (Karen i think her name is) with her teenage kids. Shes nice to say hello to but i want someone our age, not my mums.

Across the road is the old italian couple that run the mens barber shop out of their garage....dont think they'd want to hang out for some reason. lol.

i miss our neighbours from Glenmore Park. They were a young couple with 4 kids but were so lovely. We used to have lots of chats out the front or over the fence and the kids always used to bring us drawings and stuff as presents. I miss that.

anyway, tomorrow im definately going to finish my new kit! im dying to get it in the store but just need to put the finishing touches on it. Its called "i love u this much" - thats something me and jira say to each other...aint we cute??!! lol. so wanna see a sneak peak???
Meet Sheila Bear (named after my grandma). Aint she cute? One of the finishing touches im working on is a pretty bow for her hair. She has a handsome husband named Jim Bear as well. The kit also has lots of pretty papers, and metal charms with lovey dovey sayings. Stay tuned for a preview of the whole kit AND a freebie! One will be coming soon so check in regularly!
Anyway while your here drop me a comment and let me know what u think of the new look blog. dont forget to leave your name if your posting as annonomous!

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Mel said...

LOL Lani! Maybe you can give me lesson on getting a graphic into the title, I can so totally relate to stressing over the HTML codes!!
I love Sheila Bear, she is absolutley gorgeous!