Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Bridge - Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 75!

So even though it was pretty overcast today and looked like it was about to bucket down at any minute, Kate and i decided to go celebrate the Harbour Bridges 75th birthday! As ususal nobody else wanted to come. slackers! Jira was at soccer, Tam and Steve said they didnt like crowds, CJ and Kates new roommate Adam were gonna come but they had big nights last night and were probably too hungover to drag their butts outta bed! So anyway heres some photos!

Me and Kate doing our cheesy "wheel of fortune" pose (well thats what it reminds me of anyway!) Kate brought her tripod so we could both be in some photos

this photo is really pretty terrible. One of those ones where you stick your arm out to take a photo of yourself and try hard not to get a double chin! anyway the camera was on auto focus and focussed on the grumpy guy in the background. i dont know how well you can see it here but his face is hilarious!

The walk up to the bridge. Wasnt even nearly as packed as i thought it was gonna be! Had to climb up on a railing to get this shot!

Like this one!

Me with my dicky fluro green hat. They gave everyone one at the start of the walk so there was a sea of green walking over the bridge. Would have looked awesome from a helicopter (photo courtesy of kate!)

This one is my favourite shot. This was the shot i went there with the intention of getting. (did that sentence make sense? oh well lol)

Kate took this one! Nice job too! Kate you've been hanging out with me too long! Check out all your angle shots! Thats my trademark! lol

I took this one of kate just after we got off the bridge. i liked the stones as a the background, tho kate has some lovely hat hair! lol


Anonymous said...

Love teh hate hair!

PaoJava said...

looks like you had a ton of fun--how cool!

karen said...

It's great that you took the opportunity to be a part of the celebrations Lani. That's the sort of thing you always regret not doing when you look back.
You've got some great shots too. And I love your editing of them.

Cheryl said...

Hi Lani,
Love your site and you have some really great photos also. You inspire me to get back into it........Photography that is !!!!!
It's amazing how much you learn about your family thru the web!!
I love reading about what you've been up to.
Love Cheryl (Aunty!!)