Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day - Im proud to be an Aussie!

ANZAC (Australian/New Zealand Army Corps for those in the US who may not know!) day is the day we celebrate our world war veterans and those who gave their lives so we can live in freedom.I have nothing but respect for these men and women. The history of wars has long fascinated me. I love hearing old war stories and seeing photos. And there aint a better day to do that than ANZAC day!

It poured rain today. The first ANZAC that it has rained in 20 years so a digger told me. My aunty Deb and cousin Tamlyn invited me to come into the city with them today to watch the parade. Tamlyn joined the youth air league last year so she was going to be in the parade. Even tho it rained it was such a great experience.

Tamlyn in her air league uniform

We caught the train in, leaving at about 8am. I would have loved to have gone to the dawn service but with the horrid weather, this was not the year for it! We met up with Tamlyn air league friends and their families and set off for the city. On the way there this man (see below) stopped to talk. At first we thought he was one of the weirdos you so often get on the train, but quickly realised he was a digger who wanted to talk because he recognised the girls in their air league uniform.

Oh my gosh he was such a character. He told us how he went to the war on his 20th birthday, in the July of the last year of the 2nd world war. He said that some people had laughed at him because he was only there for 2 months before the war ended but that was 2 months that he survived. When 10 men around you die as soon as you step of the boat, to last 2 months deserves the medals he wore. He told us some old rhymes the diggers used to say (he had an incredible memory) and let me take photos of him with the girls and his medals. He was very inspiring.Im sad i didnt think i didnt ask his name, but i did get this photo of him.

Once we got to Town Hall we walked over to George St. Tamlyn and the other girls were herded off to get ready to march while deb and i found a spot to watch.....These are my favourite 3 photos from the parade

It was hard to get any good photos of Tam marching but we were proud to watch. It was a tiring day but well worth it. The atmosphere was amazing, so much pride in Australia and the brave men and women that defended it.


Mel said...

Great photo's Lani. I especially love the middle one with the little girl and the veteran marching side by side...says it all really! Also love the way oyu have colourised the medals on the top B&W photo, really makes them stand out! Great job, and I am proud to be an Aussie too!!

karen said...

How wonderful that you had that experience with a ond Digger on your way to the ANZAC Day memorial Lani. It makes the day even more special.

Marie-Louise said...

Very nice photos, I still want you as my photographer at my wedding hehe