Sunday, April 22, 2007

i have officially run out of patience!

ive spent most of the day today scanning in old photos i got from my Nan and attempting to restore them. Oh my god it took some patience i tell u! But anyway i thought id stick the two ive finished (yes only two! and ive been doing it all day!) up.
Quite happy with this photo of my nan as a young girl, the original has what looks like bird poo (its not but it looks like it) all over it. My retouching skills are pretty basic but i was happy with this.
Then i attempted this photo of my mum and my two uncles. not so successful. The photo was in a frame and was stuck to the glass with god only knows what. I retouched all the little spots on their faces pretty well, but you'll notice theres a big mark between the eldest two kids arms that i just couldnt do anything with! In the end i cropped the photo down alot to get rid of all the crap and then added a canvas texture to try to hide the marks..... not happy with it but its alot better than the original.


karen said...

Well I'm glad your patience hung in long enough for you to finish these photos Lani, because they look great. I have some old photos in very bad condition myself so I understand your frustration as you try to repai them pixel by pixel. But you should pat yourself on the back for these.

Mel said...

I think the second photo looks great!! I didn't even notice the mark between their arms until you pointed it out!! Great work!!