Friday, April 13, 2007

mickey style photography

My younger sister Michela is a great photographer. Not that she knows it. And not that she trys. But i think she is. She takes almost everyphoto of her and her boyfriend Luke by sticking her hand up in the air, turning the camera around, pressing the button and hoping for the best. And somehow every time she ends up with these cool arty looking shots, where someones head is chopped off or someone is looking in the wrong direction or someone is pulling a face. Some one else might say their rubbish but i honestly love them and i was jealous that i didnt have any photos of me and Jira like that. Especially since Jira is so camera shy and always looks fake in posed photos.

So today i was finishing up a kit im making called "i love u this much!" and i wanted to make a quick page to go with it. But of course i dont really have any photos that would work well. So i decided id try Michelas style of photography. This was especially good cos i had no make up on and frankly looked like shit. At first we tried a whole heap of photos looking at the camera but i looked bone tired in all of them or Jira pulled a stupid face. So then we stoped looking at the camera and i finally got this shot....

which i love. That is so Jira, who is such an awesome man and absolutely
my best friend. i wish i had more photos of him where he looks like this. This is the Jira i get to see everyday but not too many other people do. They normally get the two of us arguing! were good at that! lol

oh and check my eyelashes! they look so long!

So this was the photo i used for my example quick page. My new kit will go up in the store in the next few days so ill wait until then to share it.

so onto this weeks news.....
I only worked 3 days this week cos i had mondays public hol off and it just happpened to be my friday off so that was nice. Tho i worked so hard those 3 days it prob made up for the other 2. Work is so busy!

I spent most of today finishing my kit, but Jira and i did go on a search for a new lounge, because ours has well and truly had it. I was hoping we'd find a second hand furniture place because were really not in a position to be buying a new one. Couldnt find anything tho so i thing we'll be searching ebay and the trading post.

Tonight we went to my mums friend Madelaines place because she was having one of those aromotheraphy parties. I brought Kate because she needed extra bums on chairs, which turned out to be quite amusing because she got herself pretty good and drunk. she is so LOUD! but between her and Madelaine who is always funny, i didnt stop laughing all night. Didnt buy anything (not really my thing and im broke) but it was a nice night. We left a bit early because i had to go pick Joel (lil brother #3 - 16years old) and his friends up from the footy which penrith lost (which is bad cos their my team but good because i backed the other team! im a terrible traitor i know but they suck at the moment!)

not much planned for the weekend. i have an idea for a new kit that i want to start tomorrow. On sunday were going for a drive out past wisemans ferry to see our friends Gav and Jen (their kids feature in the photos a few posts earlier). They have a caravan there and are going waterskiing with some other friends. So stay tuned for some more photos. I cant resist their kids! their so photogenic and love posing!

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