Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Layouts and miscellaneous useless information

Well, i was suposed to go away for the long weekend. But due to sucky sydney weather we cancelled our plans and are spending the weekend at home. So im taking the opportunity to catch up on some scrappin. I havent done a layout for ages! So i offered to make some layouts with kits by the other designers at DSO. So thanks to Teriann Hanks for the use of her gorgeous kit Bloomin Melon. You can check out Terianns kits here

Now, onto a few bits of miscellaneous useless information:

Thanks to everyone that downloaded my easter freebie and left a comment! Much appreciated. I hope u enjoyed it, make sure u check back regularly for more! Oh and if you havent already downloaded it, its still available......just scroll down a few posts.

I had a flu shot this week - work paid for them, probably their way of getting us to take less sick days. I got it because i like to take sick days when im perfectly healthy and can enjoy them rather than being sick and stuck in bed. sssshhhhhhh! dont tell my boss. lol. Still feels like someone punched me in the arm tho. im such a sook

My little brother (well hes 23 and not really that little)and his girlfriend bought a house last week. So congrats to them! Welcome to the world of mortgages! ahahahha. Now you'll know what its like to be broke chris! haha. Serioulsy tho their house is very nice, all open plan with 4 bedrooms, pool, garage etc. Its in a nice area too, right around the corner from the house we grew up in.

chris and lauren - chris' eye is all squinty cos we were at an indian restaurant and he'd just eaten something too spicy and his eyes and nose were watering. haha lol

speaking of above mentioned brother, the lucky bugger is overseas at the moment. singapore i think. Paul, his best mate and work colleague has gone with him on "business". Yea right! How the hell did they get so lucky as to be able to go overseas, with their best mate, all paid for by the company???? oh yea they work for my uncle. bet that had something to do with it lol

Tam and steve coming over for a bbq tonight. Lunch at mums tomorrow for easter. Gotta go now cos my house looks like a bomb hit and ive been on the computer all morning! Happy easter everyone!


Colleen said...

Lani it is Colleen. I've been trying to email you regarding the CT postion with me but it is telling me my IP address has been blocked. Just wanted to let you know I have been trying to get a hold of you.

karen said...

These are great layouts. I love how you've scrapped your Bridge party photos. That green really picks up those caps.