Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cool New Blog!

So have you all checked out the new "Scrap your art out" blog? Bunny, Lexi, Kim and I have started up a new blog specifically for digi scrappers and designers. Each of us has a different specialty - Bunny's a wiz with Paint shop Pro, Lexi is a master with Photoshop and Kim is a pro with scrapbook max. Oh yea and Im doing photography! I dont claim to be a master but im excited to share all my favourite tips and tricks! So head on over and have a look. Kim has put up an awesome 4th of July freebie for all the americans out there...Im hoping she'll bring out an aussie version because it is soooo freakin' cute! ALSO we're looking for some guest bloggers so if your interested in sharing, stick your hand up in the air and give us a wave!!

Ok i wanna share something with yas.This was me at the beginning of last year (we were going white water rafting for my best friends hens day if your interested!- ignore the lack of makeup!). Notice - flat stomach, (somewhat) toned arms, only 1 chin! This is what i looked like at 49 kilos (dont ask me what that is in pounds!). Now dont freak out, you'll notice that im short (and you'll notice most of my friends are too! lol) so 49 kilos is right in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height.

right now weigh about 57 kilos. i just went looking for a recent photo and i dont have any! thats a sure fire way to know that ive put on weight and have been avoiding the camera! lol Anyway because im so short, 8 kilos really shows on me. i feel yuck and i was looking at this photo last night and decided to get healthy again.

My beautiful boyfriend Jira is also in need of getting healthy. I have a school reunion coming up in October and i know he desperately wants to look nice so i can show him off to all my old friends. (I would show him off however he looked because he is great! but hey he's vain lol)

SO, this morning i challenged Jira to see who can loose 5 kilos the fastest (no cheating allowed by not eating or anything like that! lol). Jira is on a mission to loose about 20 kilos and i just want to go back to about 50 kilos. He has an advantage being bigger and male, BUT he has no will power and i have lots so it will probably even out!

So this is the rules of the contest. I make Jiras lunch every day and he makes my dinner so were only having healthy meals unless someone cheats and has take away whilst the other is at work! Im not gonna nag him to eat smaller portions, how much he eats is up to him. Im cutting down on carbs, but he reckons he can burn all his off (whatever - really he just doesnt want to eat salad lol) We are going to weigh in every thursday morning before work and then post our results on here. Contest will continue for however long it takes for one of us to loose 5 kilos.

Now the best part is the prize! The loser has to plan a weekend away (we havent been away together in over 2 years! ), with a special event that the winner would enjoy. PLUS the winner gets a $100 gift voucher to spend on whatever they want. This is definately something we both want because we very rarely spend money on ourselves - all our dosh goes into our mortgage and bills.

First weigh in is tomorrow morning so check in tomorrow for our starting weights and wish me luck! im hoping that if i win, the special event on our weekend away will be a proposal! hint hint nudge nudge Jira! crap i better win or ill be 80 before i get married! lol

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Marie-Louise said...

1 Tim Tam has 1/2 the calories of 2 Tim Tams. Just Remember Moderation and do lots of excersise and drink loads of water at least 2L a day :)