Sunday, July 01, 2007

photos from my random week.

Ive had the most random week! On Monday night i had my tax done. Yep from LAST financial year! lol. im so lazy. and will probably cop a fine for doing it so late but when you only get about 100 bucks back there really aint much motivation to do it on time. LOL

On Tuesday my mum got back from Europe! yay. shes been gone for two months and i missed her! We had the whole fam over for a welcome home dinner on Tuesday night. Actually it was a welcome home/farewell party for my lil sis who was flying out to Europe on Wednesday morning. Yep her and my mum only saw each other for about 4 hours before she flew out! Anyway my sister was taking my mums camera so i downloaded some of mums photos to my computer. Heres a couple i quite liked. Taken in Ireland i think.

How Blue is that water!

Mum and Mel


On Wednesday we did nothing which was good cos its my favourite tv night (Mcleods Daughters! woo hoo)

Thursday we scored a dinner invite to Chris and Laurens (my brother and his girlfriend). Our first little dinner party at their new place. Jira and i were thoroughly spoilt with their yummy food (especially dessert as we dont eat dessert normally).

Friday we took my grandad out for dinner at the local RSL club. I actually ate more than Jira. came home feeling fat and sick!

Saturday we did the boring ole grocery shopping, and got some dvds for the night. We watched Blood Diamond, which is seriously the best movie ive seen in ages! So sad! Really makes you think, and realise how lucky you are to live in a peaceful country. The whole child soldier thing horrified me, especially to know that it is not a fictional story! IT really happens! If you havent seen it, get on down to your dvd store now!

Today being Sunday, I did some housework and caught up with bits and pieces at DSO. I had to share these photos of my tuperware cupboard. I opened it this morning and the whole lot fell out on top of me. sigh. Its really not good when your so appalled by your own tuperware cupboard that you feel the need to take photos of it! LOL

Its July here in Sydney so at DSO that means its all new challenges time! As always im hosting the sketch challenge! Here is this months sketch. You can see the layout i did with it if you scroll down a few posts (jaimes 21st birthday layout). Lots of fun prizes for playing along with our challenges, and this month Bunny is running a special Christmas in July contest where you can win a DSO delights membership! Meaning you get 6 months worth of DSO mega kits for free!

Speaking of mega kits, Here is the preview for this months mega! Told ya you'd need your sunglasses! Theres matching quick pages as well!

Alright im freezing my butt of here at the computer, and i have to go to mums for dinner soon so thats it for me for the moment! Have a great week people!~

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Bunny said...

Hey Princess...

Your photography ALWAYS takes my breath away. You have such a good eye for angles.

I cried so hard! I have never been a big Leo fan, always thought he "over" acted. But, he was amazing in this one and totally left me wanting MORE MORE MORE!!!!