Tuesday, August 21, 2007

haha, check my golf cubs, i mean club

Kim got new golf clubs, so i thought id show ya mine! I got this set about a year ago. We were in the golf shop getting one of Jiras clubs fixed. I had only just started showing an intrest in golf. I had gone to the driving range a few times and was only allowed to use my brothers crappy old set that was way to big for me. Do you know how hard it is to hit a ball with a club that is way too big??? You have to stand too far away from the ball and... Well its hard.

So we were in the golf shop and i was admiring all the ladies sets. The store guy came over and said did i want to look at anything. I said no, but Jira came over and made me have a look at at a few sets. Problem was that they were quite expensive for a beginner and even tho they were ladies clubs they were still too big for me! (sucks to be short!)

It would have cost a bit to get a ladies set cut down plus i was afraid with the way that i hack at the ball (half the time i hit the ground more than i hit the ball!) that id break them! So the cheaper option was to get a kids set! Their impossible to break plus i got the cool tiger cub driver! AND they were the perfect size for me! (sad aint it! LOL) .


Heather said...

LOL Those are awesome Lani! Very cool tiger! I've never golfed, but now that you and Kim are..should I? LOL No, I'd never get any scrapping done if I picked up another hobby. LOL

Kim Broedelet said...

OMG- ROTFLMAO- hahahahaha- THAT IS TOOO COOL!! I want to paint mine!!! I got the new Adams Lady's set with Hybrids- hell I'm too scared to make a mark on them- LOL, so I know EXACTLY how you feel! hee hee- but they sure hit a lot further than my "hand me downs"!! Can't wait now to get out and play again and I think the drivers head on my clubs is bigger than mine- LOL. Going to take a bit of getting used to- but you know how it goes- swing it and hope for the best ( hoping not to hit anything that's breathing-hahah). We are playing in a tournament next weekend- fully paid for- but I'm crapping myself as I'm so out of practise! - meant to go today but it's pouring with rain! So will have to do the range this weekend! - will let you know how it goes!
Thanks for the photo- I had a great giggle!
Hugs me