Saturday, August 11, 2007


Ok so we were out for dinner last night (me and Jira) with my brother Chris and his fiance Lauren (see 2 posts down). We started talking about their wedding, and engagement party and such then Chris asked me what sort of wedding i wanted?? (were not engaged yet but weve been together 6 years and everyone knows that we want to get married soonish). So anyway i started telling him how we were thinking about getting married on the edge (not too close!) of the cliff on Jiras dad's property in Peats Ridge (Yes he has a cliff on his property! hehe). I wanted to come in on horses and have flowers everywhere and wear boots under my dress just like on a recent episode of Mcleods daughters (Aussie TV Show). If you scroll down a few posts you can hear the song that they played on the show.......I loved it so much that the second i heard it i said to Jira "that is our wedding song". Anyway back to last night - Chris goes, "oh speaking of Mcleods Daughters - Lauren has chosen the song they had as our wedding song".

Jira just looked at me and i was like "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" they cannot do that to me! i mean id just gotten used to the fact that Chris is younger than me, and Jira and I have been together longer but their getting married first.That kinda sucks but i was ok with it. But you so cant take my song!!!! Not that they knew it was my song, but come on! What wedding gods hate me so much???? Seriously! I told them im not coming to the wedding if they have that song! haha no i did say that but they knew i was joking. But i do have an evil plan!!! (insert evil laugh here! hahaha) i go to Nam its all good we'll just get married first! hahaha. Actually we were thinking about getting married in April but considering were still not even engaged we may be leaving it a little late. But we only want something small so it may be feasible. IF Jira hurry's up and asks me! I think he will soon tho.....I already chose a few rings and he is picking one of those himself so its at least a little bit of surprise....When my brother got engaged Jira let it slip that he was gonna ask me on my birthday (which is Sept 3)....but since he accidentally told me now he cant very well ask me on that day anymore! Hehe He's such a goose. But i love him.

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Lisa Joy said...

Your idea for a wedding sounds amazing. I hope you get engaged soon and start planing a wedding.