Sunday, August 12, 2007

Old Friends

I went out for dinner last night with the girls i used to be friends with in highschool. There were 7 of us there all together.

Kate and Tamara im still friends with and see everyweek.

Then there was Erin who was my best friend in highschool but we went down different paths after school and have only seen each other a few times since. But we do email and text each other fairly regularly. Shes renting an apartment by herself and is having a long distance relationship, so she flys to QLD every second weekend.

Sharyn, i was really close with at school as well, but she moved to QLD after so we grew apart. It was her that organised the dinner cos she was in sydney for a week. She is engaged and lives with her partner on Bribie Island. Working as a receptionist

Then Peta-Lee, who is finally about to move out of home! YAY! SHe is going to share an apartment with a family friend.Still single and working in an office in Parramatta

and finally Lydia who is still as quiet as ever and still working at Myer. She met her boyfriend when she was working at Hungry Jacks 5 years ago and they've been together ever since.

Was funny but none of us have kids (well Tamara is pregnant). I swear we must be the only ones from school that dont have any....almost everyone else has at least a couple! Was a fun night to catch up and hear about everyones families and talk about what we wanted to do in the future.

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