Saturday, August 18, 2007

i am too dependent on this computer

I worked on Thursday, tho i use the term "worked" rather loosely. I actually spent most of the day "pretending" to work while really i was thinking about all the stuff i wanted to design when i got home. i was in a creative kinda mood i guess.

Anyway i get home and rush to the computer. Turn it on and wait for it to start. Was taking awhile (nothing unusual there) so i walked off to get something to eat. came back 5 minutes later and i still had a black screen. Hmmm. Oh ok dumb me hasnt turned the monitor on, tho i always leave it on so i normally dont have to. But oh well, so i switch it on, It flicks up this BENQ screen (i think thats the brand of monitor i have) and then flicks off again. Hmmm. Thats a bit weird. Maybe i didnt press it hard enough. Try again. Same BENQ screen and then it flicks off. Ok maybe it just had a hissy fit while it was booting up? Switch off the computer, at the wall and everything, wait a minute then turn it on again. Same crappy BENQ screen! Ok crap whats going on??

Ring Jira, he's still at work. In somewhat panic-y tones tell him the computer has crapped itself and the end of the world is coming. Get told to calm down and actually tell him what happened. He thinks it might be the video card or some other card that i have no idea about. I dont really care what it is but can he come home and fix it?? No he's working. Bugger. Plus he doesnt think its something he can fix. But dont worry its under warranty. UMMM helllo! That means i will have to send my system back and then i wont have a computer for how long?? could be a week, could be a month?????? !!!!!!! Ah NUH! i think not. i will die without a computer for that long!

So i go off to bed in a funk. Theres nothing i can do to fix it. Just have to wait till Jira gets home so he can actually look at it and diagnose what illness it may have.

Lord only knows what time he got in but i woke up at 3am and he was next to me, sound asleep. So i wake him up, and ask if he looked at the computer. He looks at the clock and then looks at me like i had 2 heads and said, "its just the monitor, ill set you up with a new one in the morning. Go back to sleep" Oh my god i was so excited, i kissed him all over his face untill he told me to piss off. hehe.

So i now have one of those old crappy monitors that are as fat as the desk is wide instead of my nice new flat screen. But im sooooo happy to still have a working computer i dont care!

So yea, do you think i maybe have a problem???


Kim Broedelet said...

OMG- I would have dies!! LOL- I swear when Wayne bought me my new flat screen I PRAYED that everything would just work! IMAGINE not having a computer for more than one day- NOT!!!! LOL- Just to let you know that hubby surprised me this morning with BRAND NEW GOLF CLUBS!! ( maybe a bribe to play more- hahaha) but it shocked me into TEARS! And then I had more reading Bunnys blog too! They gave me a new set to try out yesterday at the golf course- and I haven't hit sooo well EVER! So of course I had a ball playing the round! ( feel as stiff as a board this morning tho- hahahaha) And I've always had OLD hand me down clubs to play with- Now I look like a PRO- all matching covers and bag and LADY's clubs with graphite shafts! YIPPEEEEEE!!! hahaha- Just had to tell you.
Hugs Me

Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

Hello, my name is Lani and I'm a computer addict.
Hmmm...think I might be joining you in that therapy session lani.