Monday, August 27, 2007

Lets play ball!

I actually made the effort to go to my (not so little) brothers baseball game on the weekend. It was their grand final after all! Took my camera along to keep me company! I love this first photo of Ben (left) and Chris. Ben has crappy photo genes inherited from my mum - they both shut their eyes in almost every photo! So to get a shot like this is kinda special!

Brotherly love! Aint they cute.....sitting in the dugout...bludgers LOL

I found a puppy! LOL Nah meet Bronson - one of the nicest dogs ever! He is Jaime's (Bens girlfriend) dads dog. Jaime said to me that Bronson was scared of cameras and it wasnt possible to get a good photo of him...............hmmmm wanna bet???? LOL
So onto some photos of the actual game!

Chris pitching

Chris batting - I kept missing him bat! Everytime id look up he'd be at the plate so id go running over to my vantage point on the edge of the dugout, and by the time id get there hed already have struck out or be running for first! I tried 3 times and managed to get this shot on his last turn batting! I like this shot cos thats my step dad, mum and grandad in the background.

Ben running for 1st. I really like this shot! its actually one of my favourites even tho nobody but me sees the appeal in it! My mum was like "but Lani you half chopped his legs off! but i supose it is kind of arty....yea u would like it!" LOL mum! Yes i do like weirdo half chopped off photos!

Celebration drinks! They won! I had actually run out of memory card by this stage! (1.5 gig! ) LOL. Ben, Jaime and Chris


Heather said...

Awesome pics Lani! Love that one where you 'chopped half his legs off' I think it's awesome! And cute puppy! Great shot!

I wish I had half of your talent with photography!

Mel said...

Great pics Lani!! You are so clever with a camera!! :)