Saturday, September 01, 2007

from playing ball to playing catch up

man ive been a slack blogger this week! I had heaps to talk about as well! lol so here it is in summary form!

We got tickets to the justin timberlake concert! woo hoo. missed out on the first show, so we were all sad and depressed and then they announced a second show. dont think my boss was overly impressed with my swearing at the ticketek website when i was suposed to be working but oh well!

We were suposed to be going to the races for my birthday today, but the stupid horses all got the flu. FAKERS! lol. Nah its so bad that they've all be quarrantined and the whole spring racing carnival has been cancelled! sob. So my birthday has become a bit of a non event. I think were just gonna go out for dinner on my actual birthday (monday) instead.

It was my day off yesterday. Went to the doctor for a check up. got scraped, scratched, poked and proded. sucks to be a girl! I got that new cervical cancer vaccine. Gotta have another two jabs over the next 6 months! owwwwwwwwww.

Kate came over to have a few wines with me last night, and strangely she had gone to the doctor on her lunch break and gotten the cervical cancer vaccine as well! So we are bandaid buddies! lol. Quite liked this photo that Jira took for us (with a bit of direction from me lol). Especially considering we were both rather tipsy and neither of us had makeup on! Scrapped this layout last night whilst we were chatting and drinking. Took about 4 hours because i kept forgetting where buttons were in psp! lol. Thats what a bottle of wine will do to my memory! lol

click on the layout for credits! Big thanks to kim for the awesome template!

Anyway, gotta fly. Lots to do this weekend. Got participation prizes and a new challenge to post for this months sketch challenge over at dso. Then ive got my sis in laws netball grandfinal, and 4 soccer grandfinals this weekend (jiras, jiras sister and 2 of my brothers all made their grandfinals!)

oh and yay, new mega kit out today as well which trust me is not one to miss! ill post u a preview as soon as its in the store.

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Mel said...

Gorgeous layout Lani! Have a great day! :)