Sunday, September 09, 2007

still recovering....

WARNING! This post contains lots of innapropriate tongue poking and much drinking of new favourite drink (frozen daquiris!). Due to alcohol blood levels being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy over the legal limit, i cannot be held accountable for any poorly taken, out of focus, and crummy quality photographs that may appear below! Oh and yea, this post is really long! LOL

It was my birthday on Monday! So it was party time on Friday night! My brother Chris' best mate Daniel (aka Blocker) is lead singer with an awesome local party/cover band called the enormous horns, and they were playing at the Ettamogah Pub at Rouse Hill (about half hour from my place) so thats where we headed!

We started with drinks for the young'uns (haha) at my place.

Tamara with her 6 month pregnant belly (gotta love having a pregnant mate to be designated driver! lol), Kate and Me. Started the night off with vodka crusiers.

Then we drove out to the pub for dinner.

Me waiting for the baby to kick. I told tamara that all i wanted for my birthday was to feel the baby kick (cos everytime id tried to feel it, it was always being lazy and not moving). But it kicked me a few times this night! yay! i was so excited. lol

We grabbed Daniel for a photo before the show started. Chris, Daniel, Mum and me....cant you tell were all related...all short! lol

"we love you Daniel!!!" LOL. I had to scream it out. was too funny to see him turn around, looking for who yelled it, and then i blew him a kiss. He just shook his head and laughed. Him and Chris' other school friends are like my lil brothers!

From Vodka to wine....LOL. Me (above) and Kate (below) still managing to look classy! LOL
Mel (my stepdad), Me and my ma!

My lil brother Chris and his fiance Lauren

My 16 year old cousin Tamlyn (right) and her best friend Jana. We smuggled them into the club even tho their underage. shhhhh! dont tell anyone. LOL
My aunty Deb and my Mum
So everyone was still all pretty sober and happy at this stage....haha, but then it all went down hill.....Kate and i found these frozen grape daquiri things! they were like snow cones in a glass! YUM! and then the photos start to get...well you'll see. LOL
haha, alchos! Is there any photos where we dont have a drink???

Me and my boy! luv u Jira! (by the way im getting this pic blown up huge for my wall! )

Aint he so cute! Luv his happy lil drunk face! lol


Kate and Tam

love this photo! even tho we are somewhat intoxicated by this stage! lol

Jaime (lil brother #2 Ben's girlfriend) and Jira - WEST SIDE! (they love their rnb)
Quit freakin kissing me! LOL (i was having a Bunny moment - ie - get outta my space! hahaha - the DSO gals will get what i mean! )

uh, yea, too many grape daquiris! Kate, Ben Jaime, me

Thank you for showing me your tonsils Benjamin! Haha Ben these photos are too funny! What the hell is going on with your face! lol
Ben gets a kiss from Kate! Hey did Jaime see this???LOL

Good night had by still hungover two days later! lol. I ache from head to toe....I dont know how i used to do it every weekend when i was younger!

So that was Friday night, Sat night, as much as i just wanted to go to be at 6.30 pm lol. we had tickets to the silverchair/ powderfinger concert. Oh my gosh im so glad i went! even tho i was buggered and had no voice it was AMAZING! BEN i CANNOT believe you didnt come! you would have loved it. They both played awesome mixes of new and old stuff, they both sounded amazing, and they did a song together as the encore! One of the best aussie concerts ive ever been too!

Ok theres a bunch of stuff going on at DSO, but my shoulder is majorly murdering me, so i have to go take a break from this computer! Will post about DSO goings on as soon as the painkillers take effect!

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