Friday, November 09, 2007

guess what? and im sorry!

Firstly, oh my gosh im so sorry. i have neglected my blog so badly. But i swear all can be explained! i have a good reason.

And the reason is ive been sick as dog. actually sicker, because im looking at my dog right now, and she looks a hell of a lot healthier than i do. But dont go feeling sorry for me, because its the best type of sick you can be.

I have morning sickness! Yep Jira and i are having a baby! woo hoo its so exciting. well to be honest it would be more exciting if i wasnt so sick!

I am (today actually) 11 weeks pregnant with our first bub. We found out soooooooooooooooo early. i suspected before i was even late, so we found out pretty much right on four weeks. Ive been sick since about 6 weeks, so im not the happiest camper, i must admit. Massive credit to Jira and my mum who have had to look after me, and our house because i just havent felt up to doing anything. All i do is go to work (tho i have used up all my sick leave because sometimes even that is too much for me) come home and go to bed. On the weekends i just stay in bed. Boring but i guess necessary. Dr Phil and Oprah have become my new best friends.

Have had a few problems with cramping and bleeding, and was sent for an emergency ultrasound to rule out an eptopic pregnancy at 6 weeks, but all is apparently good. Bub is in the right spot, and the bleeding and cramps are apparently not from the baby and its associated bits and pieces. So i just have to trust that the doctor knows what hes on about i guess! Ill feel a lot better and more confident after our 12 week scan next friday! gosh im looking forward to hearing the baby's heart beat and just being able to see that all is going as it should be.

anyway im tired again. will post again soon (hopefully if im not too sick!)


Heather said...

I was waiting for you to update over here! LOL I say CONGRATULATIONS again! Woohoo you too! I'm sorry you've been so sick!

Hopefully with the end of the first trimester coming, you'll start to feel better!!!! (((Hugs)))

Got something on my blog for ya!

Heather said...

Hey Lani! If you make that blinkie, send it on over to me girl!