Thursday, December 13, 2007

more Blake photos

get used to seeing this lil face! my camera is going to get such a work out over the next few months i think!

My new favourite boy!

My first cuddle!
Me, Tam, Blake and Kate (poor tamara had been awake for about 36 hours at this point)

Proud Dad Steve! He was actually volunteering to change dirty nappies!

the boy dont like being naked! he started screaming as soon as steve unwrapped him.

first bath! still not happy.


HeatherManning said...

Oh Lani! How sweet is he! God, now i want another itty bitty one. Mine are monsters! LOL Beautiful pictures! Congrats to them!

Kim B said...

EEEH- forget how small they are! LOL. He is tooo cute- Lucky mom if dad can stomach a dirty nappy-hahaha
Great shots girl!
Sending hugs