Tuesday, December 18, 2007

so can i brag?

I took these photos on Sunday of my best friends new lil family. Blake is only 4 days old and was such a perfect lil model for me. Once he'd had his feed, he slept thru the whole shoot. They were all taken in their bedroom, using the natural light coming thru the window.

I am seriously so happy with these photos. I think their the best ive ever taken. so im bragging, but i dont care. i love them . cant wait to print some up on canvas for my walls.

This first shot, is my favourite of the two of them. Should have seen me taking this photo - i had one foot on their bed, my other foot on their window sill - totally doing the splits. was worth it tho.

The shot below was taken after id finished the shoot - well i thought i had anyway! Then i turned around and steve had Blake all bundled up like this. had to grab the camera again.

The photo above is my absolute favourite. i love the light, i love how their arms frame the photo, love how sweet blake looks, love the peacefullness - i actually had a tear in my eye when it was taken..........then steve yelled at me to stop being an emotional girl lol
Im going to redo the shot below....not 100 percent happy with it.

Couple more that i dont like quite as much, but are still nice. maybe more appropriate for the nanas. lol

and the only photo of the whole shoot that i left in colour.............tho it did look nice in black and white as well! lol

So.........whatya think? i rock huh? hahahahahaha!


Lisa Joy said...

Amazing shots! What type of camera do you use?

Fishinmom said...

OMG - hon these are beautiful!!! Had I shot these I'd be braging too! Incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrr I just typed a whole comment, and then blogger told me that I hadn't signed in properly, and deleted it!
Anyway, GREAT shots, Lexi Leibowitz!! I love that skin on skin look, love the b/w. And I also am a big fan of daddy and baby shots. AM I wrong to think a man is very sexy when he's holding his baby? I actually have a lo on my blog right now with a b/w shot of Vince and Jenny. You did a fantabulous job, and your friends are LUCKY to have you shooting them!

Joy said...

Wow - Wow - Wow!!! These photos are GORGEOUS!! I hope they love them just as much as you do! What settings did you use? Just awesome!!! I will be taking photos of my daughters baby when she is born next week, too! I hope I can get some good shots like these!

Meg said...

Great photos! I wish I had some like that from when my babies were babies. Fabulous job!

Mel said...

OMG Lani!! Yes you do absolutely rock!! Absolutely STUNNING photo's! LOVE the one's of the 3 of them, I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye and I don't even know them!! So you tell Steve, we are allowed to be emotional if we like...lol!!!
How about jumpin' in ya car and drivin' 3 hours south for another photo shot??? Huh, huh, huh??

Darlene said...

Gorgeous, Lani!

Kim B said...

OMG- Lani these are just BEAUTIFUL! I love the second one from the top- But they are all just absolutely GORGEOUS! Brag girl, brag!! WOW- my sister had her baby last night!( no-one knows yet) and looking at these made me CRY! I'm an AUNTY and too faraway!
Thanks for sharing these!!

.: Kristine :. said...

Just stopping in to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter and a safe and Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

You are AWESOME!!! Wanna come to the ol' US of A and take pics of my absolutely beautiful almost 9 month old?!?!?! I try to take good photos of her, but hey I'm just a mom with a camera. :)

blessednana said...

Your pictures are lovely. I just about cried looking at them. The baby is so sweet and I can see love in each photo. They are the best baby and family photo I have ever seen. Brag honey, you deserve it.