Wednesday, December 05, 2007

tests, an impending arrival, some layouts....yea thats about it.

So i went to the hospital yesterday for the start of my tests. Had my first blood test in the morning (have a lovely bruise from that - weird cos ive had heaps of blood tests in the last few months and havent ever gotten a bruise) and then had to go see the specialist. But guess what? Yep my moron of a specialist didnt show up for work, not that they bothered to call me! so they had to make me another appointment for thursday. And of course they cant fit me in first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon so i can go to work - no i have to go in right in the middle of the day. grrr... Decided that i might as well give myself a really long weekend and take today off as well (i already have friday off). Mainly because i woke up this morning with my head feeling like it was full of cotton wool - bloody sinuses and allergies. ick. Plus I had to go see my gp anyway. I feel really lucky that my boss is so understanding. Hopefully the rest of my tests will be able to be done thru my gp so i will be able to do them on my days off.

My best friend Tamara is due to have her baby this week! How exciting is that! In some ways it seems like the last 9 months have flown by, but then in other ways they seem to have dragged on forever....but either way its December and that baby gotta come out soon! Im hoping she'll have it before monday when i go back to work, but knowing my luck, that probably wont happen.

I did some layouts for my December sketch challenge over at DSO this morning. Wanna see?

Photos are from my brothers engagement party last weekend. Got lots of other photos from the party, but ill see if i can get a few scrapped before i put em up here.

And this is the posting bonus you get for playing along!

so off you go, make me something pretty. lol

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