Tuesday, November 27, 2007

watching the soccer

Not much goin on tonight. Just sitting at home with Jira watching LA Galaxy and Sydney FC play their "friendly". Beckham has already been taken out once, but brave soul that he is, he's playing injured. LOL I had a bet with Jira that LA would throw the match and let Sydney win - thought i was gonna win that bet when it was 3-0 sydney at half time. Happy tho, LA have come back in the second half. Not that i want LA to win, i just want sydney to win fair and square.

Jira, Kate, Ben, Jaime and myself did try to get tickets, but they were all sold out. Tho considering its been raining (and by raining, i mean absolutely pouring) all day, im glad we missed out now! Last time we went to see Sydney play it rained as well and it was the most miserable two hours!

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Fishinmom said...

Just poppin' in to say Hi!! I think sometimes curled up in front of the TV at home is the way to go! This sounds like one of those times! LOL!