Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still trying to decide!

Thankyou all for your wonderful name ideas for my new kit! You guys are so creative! i swear i was drawing a total blank, every time i looked at it! Im still sorting thru all your entries and trying to pick a name. I promise ill stop being indecisive and choose one by the weekend. If you read my blog regularly you'll know that i work full time so i really only design on weekends. So bare with me until the weekend, and i promise ill have a winner, and maybe a lil freebie sampler for you! Least i can do to say thanks for all your help!

I made this layout tonight. Unheard of for me to actually scrap with my own stuff, but i really like how it turned out! So im going to put it in the kit as a quick page! I might even have a go at making a few more quickpages, and make it into a lil mini album or something. We'll see how we go lol.

And for those who know i went bon jovi stalking last week, i promise i have a big write up done, sitting in my drafts here on my blog. Im just trying to find the time to upload the photos to go with it! Hopefully tomorrow!


Veelana said...

Scrapbooking with you own pictures? thats a new one LOL
I totally get it, though - since I fell in love with designing I rarely find the time to do LO for my own scrapbooks :-)
can't wait to read about your stalking experience!

Anonymous said...

really you stalking, I would have never thought that!