Wednesday, January 30, 2008

melbourne, bon jovi stalking, a tiny lil baby and guess whos engaged!

oh gosh, so much to tell, dont know where to start! I have had the most ridiculously unbelieveable 2 weeks! This is gonna be a long post so bare with me!

So starting at the very beginning. Everyone knows how much i love Bon jovi. I have been waiting for years for them to tour australia. But when they announced the aussie tour in october i was very sick, and frankly, couldnt have cared less if they were playing in my own back yard. Luckily i have two great friends in Paul and Kate who bought me tickets to they Sydney and Melbourne shows, knowing that i would feel better by january and would be kicking myself for not going. And of course they were right!

So Friday afternoon, Paul and i flew out for Melbourne. Once we found our luggage (which i made paul carry for me hahaha such a princess) we then caught the bus over to our hotel. Gosh it was funny when we walked in. We had gone for the cheapest hotel we could find, figuring we would only be there to sleep. There was a set of bunk beds, a double bed, a toilet, and a shower. The shower was just in the middle of the room! just had a curtain around it! We just looked at each other and started laughing. Went straight out to look for a bar!

Kate got in a few hours later, and after we dumped her bags, we headed up to another club to meet up with some people from the fan club. This club was so funny. It was like stepping into the 80's, everyone had their black death metal tshirts, leather jackets, skinny jeans and mullet hair cuts. The floor was so sticky i dont think it had ever been washed, and your choices of drink was pretty much bourbon or beer. lol. Met a few people from the fan club then decided that the crown casino might be more our style. Made the mistake of walking to the other side of the city (glad i wasnt wearing heels!). Found a lil sports bar at the casino that had a live band that was playing jovi and jimmy barnes and all the other songs that get everyone revved up! Kate and i called it a night at about 1am and taxi'd it back to the hotel. Paul stumbled in about 5am.

Kate and i got up about 7.30 am on saturday and happily threw stuff at paul until he woke up as well. haha. that didnt go down real well!

We spent saturday walking around melbourne, taking photos and sightseeing. Weather was awful but we really didnt care that much. We met up with Paul's brother and sister in law who were down for the tennis for lunch. Then back to our oh so flashy hotel for a sleep before the concert. Pauls sister Nicola flew in on saturday arvo with her boyfriend Chris, and after the amusement of 4 people trying to get ready in that tiny room we left for the concert.

Nicola, me and Paul before the first concert in melbourne

Kate, Nicola, Paul and me in the general admission area before the melbourne concert -you cant even see our seats their so far down the front! hahahahahaha

We all had awesome seats for the melbourne concert. I had box seats, Kate was 6th row centre and Paul and Nicola were about 9th row on the right hand side. I had been a bit worried about sitting by myself, but as soon as i went up to my seat, i started talking with the guys sitting behind me, and the ladies next to me. They were all massive fans so we had lots in common! As soon as the lights came down, i jumped the cement barrier, so id be right on the railing above the stage. I was so close to Richie i kept thinking, if i reached down, and he stood on that box, id almost be able to touch him! lol.

Richie - guitar legend and my future husband lol

Richie and Jon

Saturday night was honestly i think the best night of my life! They played all my favourite songs, and i just jumped around and screamed and sung until i was exhausted. About 3 songs in i really needed to pee, but there was no way i was moving and losing my spot! haha. I honestly think i was prepared to pee my pants, but thank god, it didnt come to that! lol

Eating breakfast at the most awesome pancake parlor, the morning after the melbourne concert.

Sunday, we spent most of the day recovering. We sat around at the casino lounge, watching the australian open and drinking frozen daquiris. We were supposed to fly home at 6.30 sunday nite, but mine and pauls plane was delayed and we didnt end up getting into sydney until about 10. Got home about midnight, after dropping paul and kate home.

Me, Kate and Paul outside acer arena in Sydney, before the Tuesday night concert

Got up at 5 am on monday and went to work! god that was an awful day, made worse by the fact that we were going to the first sydney show that night!Kate and i were especially nervous as we had fanclub tix for the first sydney show and until you pick your tix up, you dont know where your seat is! Tell you what, when we got 5th row centre, we jumped up and down screaming. Probably would have been quite embarrasing if i had cared! lol

Check out our happy, smiley faces after we found out our tickets were 5th row centre!
Again had an awesome night. THe highlight for me being 3rd row (yep we did the sneak up closer thing) for "Born to be my baby" and having my best friend next to me for it!

Check out the video if you want to see how much fun we were having! And yes that is me you can see jumping up and down in the front.

Tuesday's concert wasnt one i had tickets for, but paul upgraded his ticket and gave me his crap seat so i ended up going to that concert as well! Was high up in the nose bleeders where there was pretty much no atmosphere. I dont think the people sitting next to me were even alive! i was jumping up and down and singing and they werent even tapping their feet! sad sad miserable people! lol

So that was it for the concerts and i thought all the excitement was over! But at 3 am i got a message saying my friend Tracey had gone into labour halfway thru the show and had had a baby girl 11 weeks early! Whhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt?????????????? I knew she was at the concert but she was sitting all the way over the other side so i hadnt gotten to see her.Poor lil baby is all hooked up to tubes and monitors in the NICU. I was so worried when i got that message, but lil miss bon jovi as i will now always call her (they actually called her Morgan Ashley) is doing as well as can be expected, and hey, almost being born at a jovi concert has gotta be good luck!

So that pretty much brings me to this weekend just gone. Back to normal life, just another boring weekend, with not much on. Nothing really compares to the weekend before....NOT! i was lying in bed on sunday morning, still pretty much asleep and jira rolls over and says

"Lani, i really love you"

Im still half asleep, still have my eyes shut and i say "i really love u too jira"

THen he says, "Lani will you marry me?"

I still have my eyes shut, and im like "yea sure jira, you know ill marry you". We have this sort of conversation all the time, so i didnt really think anything of it

Then he sort of laughed and said "No, seriously Lani, open your eyes, will you marry me?" and he was laying next to me with a ring!

"um YEA! of course ill marry you! " hahaha cant believe he was actually serious! ive waited almost 7 years for him to ask me to marry him! bout bloody time jira!

So its looking like an engagement party in March, Wedding in september and fingers crossed we'll be able to get pregnant soon after that! We'll be out of our waiting time by then so it all sort of fits perfectly.


Dawn Knapp said...

Awww, congratulations! I'm so happy for you. And I'M SO JEALOUS of the awesome Jovi concert seats you had!! If I had been that close to Jon, I'm sure I would have got arrested for something! Sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for posting the pics, lucky girl!

LouCeeCreations said...

Wow Lani, what a story you have to tell, amazing pic you have there.
Lots of wishes for Tracey's baby, when she grows up, won't she have a story to tell, 'my mum the rocker' and all that lol!
Congrats on your engagement too.