Sunday, February 10, 2008

bit tough, but oh so sweet

thought id share a few photos from a shoot i did last week. Bonnie is my friends cousin and she saw the photos i did for Steve, Tamara and Blake (scroll down a few posts for their photos) and asked if id do some for her too. Poor lil Levi has reflux and doesnt sleep or settle very well, plus he was 5 weeks old (newborns are easiest to photograph at about 2 weeks of age) so it was a bit tough, but we got some great shots in the end. The family havent seen them yet, so im looking forward to seeing their reaction. Hope they like them as much as i do!

My new kit is in the store! woo hoo! just in time for valentines day. Its huge and on sale for a week only so go grab it now!

off to watch so you think you can dance and the biggest fatty! have a great week!


absolutartist1 said...

Those are some awesome shots, Lani! If they don't love them I'd have to wonder why?!?!

Kim B said...

WOW- girl I think those are just AWESOME! Gorgeous shots!
Great job- on the shots and the kit!
Toot tooting through-

Veelana said...

Whoa, these pictures are amazing!
I especially love the one with all three of them on the floor.
I'm stunned - thats what you do for a living, right?

Jeannette (MaggotMommy) said...

OMG those are GORGEOUS pictures!!! I'm just going to keep coming here from now on when I'm having a bad day because your pictures fix it instantly! Thanks for sharing them, I wish I could've had you take some for me when my kids were born! Ok... I'm going back to look at them again lolol! Your new kit looks awesome too!!

Raistspurr said...

awesome pictures, and wow what a great kit. Its absolutely gorgeous.

LouCeeCreations said...

Wow, that is gonna be some awesome album xx