Sunday, February 03, 2008

woo hoo! im 3!!!!!!!!!!!!and just about free!!!!

as in my hcg level is 3! la di da! happy dance, happy dance! lol. Went for another lot of tests on Friday, and im finally considered normal! yay me, i rock. lol. Gotta call the hospital up tomorrow and make sure they dont want to see me anymore. One doctor said monthly tests from now on, and another said get outta my sight, so i dont know who to believe! Gotta call up the head honcho to find out.

Did another photo shoot on saturday. Am hoping to have the photos edited by next weekend, so will post em here for you all to have a sticky beak at! lol

Oh and i finally picked a name for my new kit! Its going to be called "Berry Lovely". Big thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions and a special big thanks to dracowin for suggesting the winning name. Dracowin, you didnt leave me your email address and you dont have a blog linked up, so please let me know how i can get you your free kit!

Running out the door to mums for dinner (sunday night tradition), but ill leave you with another quick page i did using my new kit. Its not quite in the store yet, but i'll let you know as soon as it is. Im halfway thru a sampler for you guys, but hey, a girl has gotta eat so will finish that one up during the week.

Have a fantastic week people!

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