Saturday, March 15, 2008

its all happening!

Im so excited! stuff with the wedding is all coming together! We've picked a date (12th sept 08). We have a really pretty church booked at windsor. We have booked a reception venue up the mountains which is so me! (Jira wanted a different place, but i talked him around lol) <---- link there if anyone wants to have a look at their website. tho trust me, the photos dont do the place justice.

I also have my dress ordered and this morning we chose bridesmaids dresses in 40 minutes! i thought it was going to be an absolute nightmare but it was great! oooohhh u wanna meet my bridesmaids???

Michela is my little sister and will be my maid of honor. Tam has been my best friend since we were 5 years old. Kate and i have been best buds since we were 14. And Merinda my future sister in law, is Jiras lil sister. They are all totally different heights and body types but the dress we found looked great on all of them. Its very flattering. I really wanted olive green dresses, but it just didnt suit any of their skin types. So we ended up going with a deep purple/blue colour. Its really pretty. I love the style - and while the colour isnt what i wanted, it suits the girls alot more, and i really just want them all to look nice and be happy.
Anyway, Kim B has a new kit out! Unda-da-sea! and i did this layout with it! Lil Blakey boys first swim!

well i got lots of photos to share with you from my latest photo shoot but right now my filthy kitchen is beggin to be cleaned so ill be back later on!


LouCeeCreations said...

great layout Lani!

JBJAllTheWay said...

geez your bridesmaid are beautiful!

Veelana said...

Congratulations on setting date and place for the wedding - and I would just love to see the dress you picked for the bridesmaides! And thanks for reminding me to get to kim b.'s blog to check out her new kit - lovely LO!