Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April's Photography Challenge

So, Tina, one of my designer buddies over at DSO has asked me to co-host the photography challenge with her. Fun! So this month im doing the challenge, and she is doing the posting bonus - then next month we'll switch.

For this months challenge, we're going to focus on a few ways to jazz up portraits - it's all about trying a different perspective and thinking a little outside the box. No special equipment needed - just a bit of creativity! So grab your favourite model and your camera and have a go at one (or all) of these simple tips.

Theres three main ways that i add a bit of interest to my photos - shoot high, shoot low and shoot on an angle.

Shoot High
Find yourself a balcony, or a set of stairs, a sturdy box, whatever will get you up higher than your subject. The extra height is generally very flattering, helping to eliminate double chins and can also be very slimming. By far, photos that i take up high, are always the ones that get the most comments and compliments.

Shoot Low
Sit on a chair while your subject stands, sit on the ground, hey, lay on the ground if thats what works for you! But be careful! Where shooting high almost always gives you flattering portraits, this is not true for shooting low! But do try, because when it works, you can get some fantastic unusual shots. And if you have a baby that is crawling or still at the tummy time stage, you are definately going to want to get right down on your tummy with them.

Shoot on an Angle
ah my favourite! i take so many photos on angles that sometimes i forget to take any the normal way! haha
Generally in portraits you want to angle your subject into a corner. This generally works best when you get in nice and close, so if your finding your angle shots are looking funny, try zooming or cropping in your photo.

See here how ive angled Levi's cute lil face into the top right corner?

and here, i had kate tilt her head slightly so its angled into the top left hand corner?

You get the idea!

So thats it! 3 very simple tips that can make lots of difference to your portraits. Choose one or try all three. Pick your favourite photos and then scrap us a layout. Post it in the gallery, and then post a link back in the forum so we can leave you some love and hook you up with your posting bonus!

Oh and i almost forgot! Tina and i will be hosting a photography chat on the 10th April in the DSO chat room for anyone that wants to come along and talk photography, the challenge and life in general! Bring your favourite photos and questions, and Tina and i will do our best to answer them for you!

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