Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In no particular from my engagement pary 29.03.08

Tamara and Blake (my number 2 bridesmaid and my lil page boy)

Jira, his Dad Tex and his older brother Steven - Yep Jira is the shorty of the family. Our poor children have no hope of being tall.

Paul (friend), Kate (best friend and bridesmaid #3) and Nick (cousin) - all somewhat drunk...pretty typical scene at most parties (tho normally im the other drunk one in the photo - but i happened to be behind the lens for this one)
My step brother Greg, my step dad Mel and my lil brother Ben
Tamara, me, Lauren (future sis in law) and Penny (friend)
Taryn (family friend/work colleague/gym buddy) and I
Jira and I cutting the cake - this is pretty much the only photo of us together all night
Me and Katherine (family friend)
Me and Madelaine (family friend and Katherine's - see above- mum)
Jason(Taryns boyfriend and my boss' son) and Taryn
Standing - Vicki (Nicks girlfriend), Nick, Paul, Penny, Adam (friend), Lauren, Chris (brother)
Kneeling - Jaime (future sis in law), Ben and Kate
Tam, Lauren and Penny
cake....mmmm cake
Tamly, Alicia and Hayley (all my cousins) and Michela (my sister and #1bridesmaid)
Bec (longtime work mate) and me
Me and my lil sis

Me and Kate
My step brother Greg and future sis in law LauraJaime, Gable, Hayley, Shamus, Alicia and Michela
2 of my lil brothers, Chris and Ben
Jira and I
Jira's childhood friend Chris and his girlfriend Toni
Adam, Amy and Neal (soccer friends)
Chris, Paul, Penny and Lauren
Hayley and Gable
Jess and Jack
Gav and Jen (soccer friends)
Amanda, Jody, Me and Tracey (all girls from soccer)
My gorgeous fiance (who by the way has lost 10 kilos - proud of u babe!)
This next photo makes no sense to me. From left, Chris, Adam, Jira, Steven and Gav - none of thes guys know each other! very random
The party scene - we had a big marquee set up in mums backyard, helium balloons, fairy lights, floating candles - bit more classy than the usual backyard party if i do say so myself!
Yours truly
My mum and her brother Kevin
Thanks to Kate and Taryn for taking photos for me, so i could actually be in some! lol. Ill do a bit of a write up about the party later on. too tired right now and i have an ulcer the size of a house that is making a lil nanna nap a necessity! back lata.


Anonymous said...

wow, great photos. Looks like you have a lot of fun.

Eve said...

Oh great photos!! Looks like a fun time was had by all!! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Leigh said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lani! It's been waaay too long since I've been over here! What awesome pictures! Looked you had so much fun!!!! And I want Chris' hair color. LOL

And down below, that picture of whose feet stunk worse. I LOVE IT!!!!

miss you!!!!!

AfriDigiDiva said...

cute photos!