Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lil Miss Bon Jovi

Morgan 127

So if you have no idea what the title refers to, read this post. Its a story and a half i tell ya!

I was so excited to hear that LMBJ (otherwise known as Morgan) was out of intensive care. We finally got to see her on Sunday. I didnt take my camera as it was kind of a spur of the moment decision to go when i was talking to Tracey at soccer.  So Tracey emailed me this pic of LMBJ and her big sis Chelsey taken on easter sunday.

She is so cute! Tiny still but not scary tiny. I think Tracey said she weighs about 6pounds now. And is the absolute spitting image of her big sister.  Hopefully she'll be coming home soon. They are just working on getting her feeding up to scratch before she can leave.

Unfortunately, just as we got the news that LMBJ was out of intensive care, my friend Paul rang me to say that he was an uncle! of twin boys! Well thats fantastic right?? Yes, but their 12 weeks early! They werent due till JULY!

Whats going on with all the premi babies, and miscarriages and stuff at the moment? A friend of ours had a misscarriage just before easter. it scares me!

But lets not dwell on that. The twins, Michael is 1.1kg and the lil one, Jacob is 900g! Both were born naturally and while of course their in intensive care, they are both doing really well. So fingers crossed they keep improving and get nice and big and fat! (so i can go take photos of them!lol)

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AfriDigiDiva said...

Oh I'm so happy that she is out of ICU. That's fantastic news. Hope all gets even better. Keep us updated.