Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My step Brother is a Lunatic

No other way to put it.

It was his 30th birthday this week and his girlfriend Laura threw him a surprise party at the Manly skiffs club on Saturday night.

So we did the whole "SURPRISE!!!" thing, ate some cocktail style finger food (seafood...mmmm....sushi.....ewwww), had a few drinks and mingled with my step dads side of the family.

We were just about to leave when this figure comes barrelling thru the room at top speed, totally naked except for the 30th balloon covering his, you know, runs out the side door and threw himself over the railing and into the harbour!

It was a fair drop down into the water (i wouldnt even jump from there in daylight) but the main thing was that it was bloody freezing that night! The water must have been about 5 degrees.

The amusing thing was that his "modesty" balloon burst on impact with the water so he had to swim to the edge and climb out in his birthday suit.

Yep the guy is a lunatic. DSC_0084

My 6'6 stepbrother with my 5'1 mother


Kim B said...

OMG- he's HUGE! LOL, and it don't sound so *luney*- ROTF! Sounds like something my bunch do- wahahaha
Toot tooting through on the train- and just want to thank you for my FEEL GOOD tears and laughter this morning- watched the Dirty dancing vid! How AWESOME is that! LOVED IT- Thanks Lani!

DigiLover said...

TOOT TOOT!!!! how funny!!I'm a Sydney girl too so I know how cold it has been lately not to mention how cold the water would have been.

any pics of that fun night you wish to share with us????? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny story, Lani! Sounds like my brothers - kinda crazy - your your brother is very cute!!!

Nani said...

LOL! This so sound like a stunt my lunatic brother would do! His girlfriend's name is Laura too -maybe there is something in the name that is attracted to lunatics? Hey lunatics need love too! LOL