Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random Thoughts for the weekend

i booked my wedding photographer yesterday. very excited bout that, and extremely happy with my decision. He is totally "my style" and gets my need for clean and simple.

i had a skin cancer check on Friday - all good, come back in 12 months or sooner if weird stuff that may kill me starts growing...

i bought a few things to make a dummy wedding invitation...totally ripped off the idea from a friend that got married a few years back. Uncreative? yes. Un original? yes. is un original a word? i think not.

I dropped Jira at the pub last night, then went back to give him jeans at about 10pm (he couldnt get into the club wearing shorts), then went back again at 4am to pick up his drunk ass....i am so the best fiance in the whole world and i think somebody should post me a medal.

my fiance spent all day in bed today nursing a hangover. haha. neener neener.

I did 4 loads of washing. Then made Jira take them off the line.Hang over and all. Teaching him a lesson. This is what he does to me almost everyweek. Does half a job then makes me finish it....and no, i dont hear you saying that i should give back my awesome finace medal.

I gave my stinky dog a bath. FYI, she actually has white patches! who would have thought it.

my eyes are killing me from looking at the laptop screen. i wish i had some eyedrops. Have resorted to wearing glasses....probably a sign i need my eyes checked again. or that i should turn down the brightness on the screen.

there, thats better.

Im absolutely hanging to go to my body balance class tomorrow. Does anyone do those Les Mills body balance classes at their local gym? i love them and thoroughly reccomend them. But only if you have an awesome instructor like Nola. She is a cack.

ps- im getting so flexy from that body balance class. my mission is to be able to do the splits by the end of the year.....or at least be able to touch my toes. (jokes - i can easily touch my toes. ive always been quite flexible - think it stems back to doing gymnastics and physie as a kid)

Its mothers day tomorrow. Im taking my ma and lil sis horse riding(tho not tomorrow - some other day that isnt as busy) as my ma's present. Mum is a good rider - well used to be. She used to work at a horse stud. Mich (lil sis) and i are somewhat scared of horses and have never ridden anything bigger than my boxer pup. I mean, she is big for a dog...but she doesnt like it when you try to harness her and ride her round the living room....(haha no didnt really harness her...just sat on her back and told her to giddy up....she ran off and i fell on a heap on the floor. Jira laughed)

Happy weekend!


Scrappy Cats Designs said...

sounds like fun - horseback riding
And yes you deserve a medal!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

you sure deserve a medal and I think I do too..Us ladies are too good for our men, but just like you, I make him work in the house too! lol! :) He's got to earn my love right...hehe

well the horseback riding sounds like fun, your mom will love it! Not sure other then a special page what to give ym mom...we'll see! :)

Have a fab weekend! Hugs!

Luisa said...

LOL, you are so funny!!, Good luck with Jira!!

Nani said...

You definitely do deserve a medal! I think all "taxis for drunk loved ones" should get medals anyway, but I think you deserve it MORE for making him help with the wash! LOL

Have fun, not fear, with the horses!!

Tink said...

Gosh, I have missed so much... Congrats on upcoming nuptials. And yes, you still deserve the medal. Died laughing about riding the boxer. Use to have a Great Dane that was actually tall enough for me to ride (never tried it though). Glad to see you again.