Sunday, June 15, 2008

nothin exciting

havent had much exciting to say lately! Just thought id share a few layouts. Finally scrapped a few photos from the Melbourne Bon Jovi, and finally scrapped a few from the day Blake was born.Other than that, really not too much to say! Did some wedding running around yesterday. Chose Bonboneire (im sure i spelt that wrong), chose pressies for my bridesmaids, bought a garter (a blue one as my "something blue"), bought ribbons for the cars and bubbles for people to blow as we come outta the church (confetti is not allowed at our church).

Went to the gym this morning and then spent a few hours cleaning. thrills at the Dodson/Skuthorpe household! I am thinking about going in the city to surf this year tho (big annual fun run). As in incentive to go to the gym more often and also im hoping i might be able to con a few friends/family into coming with me as fun day out. i realised the other day ive barely taken any photos this year, apart from a zillion photos of blake. Time to get out and about a lil!

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Kate said...

thats right 6th row baby