Tuesday, July 01, 2008

im a happy girl tonight.

First reason - Yesterday (while also being my best friend Kate's birthday - Happy birthday hun!) marked the end of my 6 month wait! For anyone that doesnt read my blog regularly, I had a rare molar pregnancy last November that ended in miscarriage and a barrage of blood tests on my hcg levels to ensure i didnt end up with GTD (a form of cancer with chemo as the treatment). It meant we had to wait 6 months to 1 year to try for another baby.

If my hcg level stayed at 0 for 6 months we would get the all clear and get to try again. Well, i had planned on going to get a blood test and ultrasound next week. But i couldnt wait. I havent been feeling too great in the last few weeks. Ive been quite nauseous, and that was worrrying me. It would have just been my luck to be fine for 5 months, and then in the last month of waiting have a regrowth.

So the easiest way of checking your hcg level without doing a blood test?? Do a home pregnancy test! They register hcg levels of 25 or more. So tonight, i was sick of worrying about this last lot of tests. I just wanted to know.

So i did the test. And it was negative. SO my hcg level is more likely than not still 0! Which means i should get the all clear next week. I said to nam, that this is the last time i want to see a negative pregnancy test. The next one i take had better have two lil lines show up!

So my second reason for being happy tonight, is that we had a meeting with the priest that is going to marry us. And he is lovely. Im sooooo happy we decided to get married in a church. He filled out all our forms and had to ask us some questions like "had we truly considered what marriage meant, and we were prepared to dedicate our lives to each other?". It made me so happy to say yes, and really mean it. I cant imagine being with anyone other than Jira, and i couldnt stop smiling after our talk. I know it sounds corny and daggy, but im just so excited about being married. Yea, im looking forward to the party and everything, but im just as excited to officially be a family, and have a marriage. ive waited for what seems like forever to be able to call him my husband, and now i only have 2.5months left to go!

And the last reason im happy is because there was a 20-1 countdown of the hotest celebs on channel 9. And drooling over Brad Pitt is a great way to end a day!


Kate said...

and whre was jon bon? love u!!

Azrood said...

What an ordeal you have been through {hugs}. I too hope that you get two lines the next time you test as I'm sending lots of baby dust your way! And congrats on your impending nuptials!

Barb said...

That's just wonderful! I'm so happy for the two of you!

Michelle said...

Best of luck in your TTC journey (we are TTC as well!!) and your upcoming marriage!

Jane/Wags said...


amy said...

great news on the hcg numbers!! best of luck TTC!