Saturday, June 28, 2008

truly, i dont like posing

But i do like taking photos. AND, i do realise the importance of at least being in SOME photos, and not always being the one behind the camera.

So when Kate and i go on our lil photography expiditions, I try to ignore the fact that i dont like posing for photos. Ive worked out over the years, that it is better to pose, and look halfway decent, than not to pose, the result being a bunch of candid, not so flattering photos. Not that candids dont have their place...I like candids. alot. But thats not what this post is about.

So Kate and i drove out to Berrima last weekend to take some "winter afternoon sunlight" photos. Of course, nobody wanted to come pose for us. Which is a shame. You'd think our fam and friends would want some lovely winter afternoon sunlight photos! But the only person who willingly poses for us these days is Blake...and to be honest, he's not all that willing alot of the time either! He's just disadvantaged by the fact he cant get up and run away.

My camera had a spack attack halfway thru and decided to stop working, so i didnt take too many. But it was a great day for a drive, and the photos we did get were quite nice. Nothing to get too excited about, but decent enough.

We were driving along, trying to find somewhere to snap a few shots when we drove past this church. No one was around, so we used it as a back drop. The light on the sandstone bricks was lovely.

This photo of Kate gives me dejavu. Ive done almost the exact same shot of her at a wedding last september. I couldnt find the original colour version, but the lighting is very similar. Does make me think that we need to be a lil more creative in our posing.

This one was still on the church grounds.

And a few below that Kate took of me.

I retouched this one up...maybe a bit too much? On a side note, I HAD to edit it because of how many wrinkles im getting! seriously, what is going on with that! Ok, really their only smile lines, but still! i retouched this more than i wanted to have to at the ripe ole age of 26!

We found this cool mural on the side of a bike shop...very tara whitney-ish (my favourite photographer) i think... Must say it really shows how short i am tho! But i like it...i like photos of me with my camera. Makes me

Now this photo below, is Kates favourite. Personally, i think she was on drugs when she made this decision. She calls this my "sexy" look. I think its my "what the hell?" look....If that is my sexy look, then thankgod i have Jira or i really would be headed for an eternity of singledom. tragical.


Juliana said...

Looks like you had fun! I love your choice of locations - it makes me want to go scout our town for cool places to take pics. But not in this heat! Usually over 100 every day.

I like your pictures! You both have lots of talent.

JanMary said...

Great photos. I hate being in front of the camera, but I did allow of few of me to be taken when we were in Paris in May.

Barb said...

Great photos, Lani. And girl, you really need to get a grip. You have no clue how stunning you are. Seriously.

Beth Nixon said...

Well, you are beautiful so start getting in front of the camera more! And those laugh lines are what shows off your personality! If we didn't have them, we'd all look so bored! These just show how much you love your life!

Great photos! Great light.

Kate said...

the colour in the mural one turned out awesome