Sunday, October 26, 2008

my lil brother got married yesterday...

and i spent today nursing a rather unpleasant hangover lol. But it did allow me to spend the whole day looking at photos. Facebook has been flooded with them lol. But here are some of mine...

Poor buggers had so much bad luck. Their wedding cars broke down so they had to make do with the replacement cars the hire company sent out, which werent as nice as what they wanted.
The groomsmens ties were handmade so didnt come pre-tied. Which was a bit of a drama when nobody actually knew how to tie a fatboy tie. After some googling and trial and error, my step dad worked it out.
Once we got to the venue, the ceremony music wouldnt play on the stereo system. My poor baby brother looked like he was going to cry, he was so stressed. So i took over (im so bossy and can be a total bitch to hired help if need be whereas the rest of my family tend to be overly nice incase they upset anyone. dont get me wrong, im nice 99 percent of the time, its just im a hothead where my family is concerned and not afraid to be forceful when its needed). So after trying the backup cd with no sucess i went to find my uncle who has a nice new car and we drove it right up to where the wedding was taking place. Stuck the cd in, opened all the car doors and cranked it up. Unfortunately, only one song on the cd was burnt correctly, so she didnt walk down the aisle to her chosen song, but it was "Iris" by the goo goo dolls so it wasnt too bad.
But after that it all went a lil more smoothly. We all had a great time at the reception. The boys drank the bar out of jim beam, then wild turkey, then jack daniels and finally ended up drinking makers mark. We had a great dinner of chicken with a pesto sauce and beef. Chocolate mousse in chocolate cups for dessert. lots more wine. Some whining to the groom about the need for some dance music resulted in a much fuller dance floor. We organised a bus to take about 13 of us back to my mums place and then my bestie tam who stayed sober drove those that werent staying home. Great time had by all!

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