Monday, October 06, 2008

ooooooohhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm i sack myself...

yea. i am officially sacked as writer of this blog. im a bad bad blogger. im so far behind on it, that im intimidated by the huge task of catching up!

But i am jumping back on the bandwagon. i love blogging! ive missed blogging! i just have had soooooooo much on that blogging really didnt even enter my mind. But that is all about to change. Im getting back into a routine. A routine that includes at least once weekly blogging!

Now that ive psyched myself up, here is why i have been missing in action.
First there was this.
followed by a whole lotta this
then we tortured our friends with a whole lotta it as well

then we tortured a whole heap more people with our ramblings

but then we let em dance, so they forgave us.

Yea we got ourselves hitched. Was a great day. September in sydney is not generally that warm. Especially up the mountains where our reception was held. But we totally got lucky and scored an unusually hot spring day. Hot enough to be sweating! Though that could have just been me with my nerves.

There were no major dramas, everything went pretty much according to plan. Good time had by all as far as i know!

Will be attempting to post a few of my favourite photos during the week cos theres a few lil stories and stuff i want to write. But dont want to overwhelm myself with trying to do it all in one post! baby


Anonymous said...

wow no comments, people aren't checking your blog cause they think you don't post anymore

Bunny Cates said...

Im just wondering why THESE didnt make it into my

Love the pics...
my wittle Lani-kins...
all growed up, and

*sigh* makes me feel so old, I always looked at you as the "baby" of my friends, now your all grown up! lol...