Sunday, January 11, 2009

i think he likes it...

continuing my quest to actually scrapbook this year! Blakey boy on his new swing set.

So another week begins! The weekend really needs to be longer. I cant believe i have to work another 5 days before i have a day off! im so stuggling with work at the moment. I cant wait to go on maternity leave!

I hit a milestone today. Im officially 14 weeks pregnant, which means im officially second trimester! yay! Hoping that everything is ok in there. I had to make an appointment for my booking in appointment at the hospital this week. I got lucky - there was a cancellation so i get in on the 2nd Feb - ill be about 17 weeks then. Im sure it will be totally boring, but im excited anyway. Tuesday is my bump photo day so ill be back then with an update, tho i dont think much is happening in the way of my bump lately. seems the same as at 12 weeks if you ask me. But we'll see how the photo turns out.

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