Friday, March 27, 2009

i need to make a list

ignoring the fact that my blog has been neglected for over a month....

I keep thinking that i need to write a list of pages i want to create for my pregnancy scrapbook. I wanted to do a page per week...i have started...ive done two pages...and im nearly 25 weeks...oops.

So anyway, my list.

Week1-3 - charting

Week4 - pregnancy test and the way i told Nam

Week6 - Telling Tam/Kate

Week 8 - Ultrasound - The Lizard fetus

Week 9 -Telling Mum/Mel

Week 11-Christmas/Telling family

Week 12 - Ultrasound/down syndrome test

Week 14 - Second trimester

Week 17 -Booking in appointment at the hospital

Week 18- Ultrasound

Week 21- painting the baby's room

Week 23- putting the baby's cot together

Week 24 -starting work from home - baby is viable

And here is the page i already did of the bump at 20 weeks. The page i did at 15 weeks is in the post below

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