Sunday, April 05, 2009

im having such a great weekend!

too bad Jira isnt. Poor guy has to work all weekend, tho thats pretty normal for him, so not so bad. Except 3am this morning was the end of daylight savings. So we put our clocks back an hour last night, and he was all happy when he went to bed cos he was getting an extra hour sleep....

Well, big problem this morning when he realised that he'd set the alarm on his mobile phone and the phone had automatically updated the time for the end of daylight savings...but he'd already manually done it the night he'd actually had an extra two hours sleep...which meant he was extremely late for work. And then he couldnt find his safety glasses...which he isnt allowed to work without...ack, it was chaos here this morning.

But now that hes gone, (and i just got a message from him so i know he didnt kill himself on the way to work, cos im sure he was driving well and truly above the speed limit) peace is restored here in the skuthorpe household and its just me and the lizard fetus having a lazy day in front of the laptop....tho i cant guarrantee i wont later move to the tv. lol. Nothin to do, but chill out and relax... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..

So anyway, there are other reasons im having a good weekend. Yesterday my best friend came over and did some pregnancy photos for me. Felt weird being on the other side of the camera, but i was qutie happy with the results of our lil mini shoot. Were planning a proper pregnancy shoot for when im bigger, and when Jira can be in some shots with me, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. After the photos we both sat in my loungeroom on our matching laptops, with a bon jovi dvd concert playing and edited photos. Well Kate edited, and i surfed the net and pointed out all my flaws for her to retouch haha.

Anyway this was the result.

and by the way, normally i woud never ever wear a top like that!Normally i wear that vest over the top of a three quarter length shirt! but you know, i think it worked pretty well with the style of the shoot and what not.

After Kate left and Jira came home from work, the two of us went out for dinner. We just went to the local steak house - nothing fancy, but it was nice to spend some time alone together. We rarely have time together these days, with his work/soccer schedule, so i always try to make sure we spend friday or saturday nite just hanging out. We got home fairly early so we watched the last three episodes of brothers and sisters. Perfect saturday nite in my opinion! lol

Last night while i was watching brothers and sisters i did a lil scrapbooking forum cruising and decided that now that im working at home, and have a bit more time for relaxing, that i really wanted to join a scrapbooking creative team. I like being on a ct as it pushes me to actually scrap instead of just cruising around forums and galleries and stores...looking at, and buying too much stuff that i never use! Im determined to get this pregnancy journal done BEFORE the baby is actually born!

So anyway, i was pleasantly surprised when i woke up this morning and one designer has asked me to do a few layouts for a single kit and another has asked me to be a part of her team for 3 months! yay. that works out so well with the baby! Once im all organised, ill post my layouts and links to their stores and what not.

So anyway, im going off to play with my new ct kits, and actually get some scrapping done. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Kristine said...

Hiya Lani!!!

OMG girlie you have a belly and you are all boobs!!!! LOL!!! Never mind the fact that you positive GLOW!!!! Pregnancy suits you!!!

Congrats on the CT work!!! Looking forward to seeing the Lizard Fetus!! lol


Lani said...

haha thanks kristine. my boobs are always like that!i just dont normally put them out there on display! lol.

JanMary said...

Love the pregnancy pics - never did this with my 3, wish I had!

Congrats on some CT spots - I love mine and they save me a fortune in kits i would buy anyway.