Sunday, September 06, 2009

My brave little munchkin!

I took Thomas for his 8 week needles on Friday. One in each leg and a syringe full of syrup. The nurse said to me not to worry - that they always cry, but not for long, and that he shouldnt have too many problems afterwards. I told her i wasnt worried about him, i was worried about me! Hes tough, but im a sook! lol

But as it turns out, i managed not to cry! I was more concerned with making him feel better than crying myself! He was a little trooper tho. He only cried for a few seconds and a cuddle and a feed once we got back to the car made everything all better.

He was extremely sleepy afterwards...i think he probably slept for about 20 of the next 24 hours and ran a low grade fever. I had my first experience of trying to give him baby panadol in a syringe...and did not succeed very well! I squirted the syringe too hard and it shot into his mouth so quick i damn near choked the poor kid! He was coughing a spluttering trying to bring it up for about half an hour afterwards! I felt like the worst mother ever! I practiced a bit when he went back to sleep and by the time he needed another dose i had it worked out. :-)

By the next morning tho, he was all smiles again. Big relief to have survived his first needles with only a minor drama!

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Mel said...

The first lot of needles are always the worst, but it sounds like you both survived them relatively unscathed!
Glad you're doing so well :)