Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FOBTY - Favourite sports

Im not a huge sports fan. Most of it i find rather dull and I can normally find a million things i'd rather do than watch any type of sport.

Though in the last few years, ive somehow discovered a love of pro tennis. I dont know where it came from - ive never played a game in my life. But if there is a tennis game on the tv, ill quite often sit there happily for a few hours and watch.

Last week, although Thomas didnt let me sit down to watch any full matches, i got to watch quite a bit of the US open. Thomas and i sat on my bed to watch the mens final between Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro......him napping and feeding, me trying to keep him happy and occupied by singing (between points) and pulling faces. Then he helped me cheer for Federer and i told Thomas all about how cranky i was with channel 9 because they cut out half the game out when their satellite crashed! boo! I wasnt exactly happy with the outcome of the match, but i suppose Federer cant win them all!

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