Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thomas at 12 weeks

cant believe my lil man is 12 weeks today! where has that time gone? Hes not quite 3months yet, but heres what hes doing at 12 weeks

Has been smiling since 6weeks - smiling alot since about 9weeks.

In the last few days has started doing the weird yelling out thing...he'll go "argh!" then he'll either smile and laugh, or he'll start crying. Its very strange because its always out of the blue when noone is even looking at him (maybe an attention thing?) and im never sure if he does it cos hes happy or angry! its very odd. but cute.

He is still sleeping wrapped up in his miracle wrap in the basinette in our bedroom. He is almost too long for it, and i think hes beginning to get uncomfortable in it, so he'll be going into the cot in his own room in the next week or two.

He generally goes to bed about 7-8pm thru til about 6am. He normally wakes at about 3am for a quick feed.

Still completely breastfed.

Still loves to swim in the bath.

Has started taking more intrest in his toys. Has begun reaching out for the toys that dangle from his playgym.

We have been reading to him everyday. Seems to like the Thomas the tank engine book that Steves mum made for him (i think he likes the bright colours and the bold faces)

We do tummy time every day, and he is getting better. Can stay on his tummy longer and longer, tho he does tend to get annoyed after a few minutes.

Not showing any signs of wanting to roll over yet

Loves to chat with mum. I lay him on some cushions and talk to him about whatever happens to be on my mind, and he talks back in his little baby voice. He always smiles alot whenever i start saying "bub bub bub bub bub" or "mum mum mum mum mum" or "dad dad dad dad dad". They're his favourites.

We have been going to mothers group every week. He has lots of little baby friends there, and mummy actually gets some adutl conversation!

We have been going walking most mornings around the regatta centre. He normally JUST makes the 5k (1hour) walk before he starts whinging. Hes gotten alot better with sleeping in his pram from these walks so i no longer have to take him everywhere in his possum pouch.

Feeding every 2-3hours during the day and can generally stay awake for 1.5-2hours at a time before going down for a 45 min nap. He still has a 4 hour nap a few times a week.

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