Sunday, July 11, 2010

my baby is one!

Some random thoughts, and photos from his first birthday ...

I love his baby thunder thighs and his chubby belly that hangs over his nappy. The little fat rolls on his arms.

I love the way he lets me cuddle and rock him to sleep. I love that he snuggles right into my neck and is content to just be near me.

I love the way he crawls when you say to him "im going to get you". How he spins around laughing and tries so hard to crawl quickly that he often falls over himself. He does this in his walker too.

He is becoming quite a little boy that loves to climb, and apparently has no fear.

A little boy that doesnt cling to me quite so tightly around people he knows.

A little boy who loves trucks and lego and cars
I get so excited over all the new things he is learning, and even better, he seems to be beginning to understand and communicate with us. He says "mum/muma/mummy", "dad/dada", "nan/nana "- tho this is also what he says for banana, "bub/bubba". Im not 100 percent certain, but it seems lately that he has been trying to copy words we say alot. "Khodi" for example (our dog). Sometimes he'll say "di di di" and sometimes he'll just blabber something, but it will be in the same tone we use to say her name. He points at things he wants and says "nuh". His drink especially.

He LOVES the bath, and im sure he understands the meaning of the word. Because if we mention the word bath, and then dont follow thru, there is much crying, and pointing and "nuh"-ing at the bathroom door.

He walks around the furniture with so much confidence. And will walk everywhere if you hold his hands. But let go of him for a moment and he plonks down on his bottom. Hes not ready to walk. But it wont be long.

I dont love that he has started throwing tantrums. If im not paying enough attention to him, or i do something he doesnt like, he will throw himself on the floor, kicking and yelling and hitting the floor. I do admit to finding it amusing at times, because he is so tiny and it just looks wrong, but most of the time its just frustrating.
Speaking of frustrating, if i have to pull him off the tv one more time, i might just throw it thru the window (the tv, not the baby).
Weve completely weaned him onto a cup during the day, but we still breastfeed before bed and in the night for comfort.
He's going on about 7 months of pretty unspectacular sleeping. Hes down to two naps a day (unless were going out at night), but he still doesnt sleep thru the night. He occasionally wakes about midnight and almost always at about 2am. To save my sanity, and avoid getting sick like i did at the beginning of winter, ive started bringing him into our bed to feed him. If he wakes at midnight, i put him back in his bed, but after 2am, he is very restless in his own bed - he rolls around alot and hits his head often. So we tend to co-sleep from about 2-5am which is when he normally gets up for the day. So many people tell me how terrible that is and that im digging myself a hole, but i dont care. I actually quite like having him right next to me for a few hours in the early morning. He sleeps better and i get to look at his sweet sleeping face til i fall asleep myself.

He is such a good little eater. He eats pretty much whatever we do, and isnt overly fussy. He eats most vegetables and loves the fruits ive given him - Banana and mandarins are a daily event in this house! He's also just like his muma, he loves chocolate. I actually have to hide it from him if i dont want to share it!
He still idolises Blake. Follows him around like a bad smell. lol. Love how cute they are together.

Happy first birthday, my baby boy. Couldnt love you more. xxx

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading all of this Lani :) I have a thousand other things that I should be doing lol, but I got a few laughs and thoroughly enjoyed it !

Love the birthday pics, hope he had a wonderful day :)

Happy Birthday Thomas !!