Monday, June 28, 2010

If you think you had a bad day....

Then read on, cos im about to make you feel a WHOLE lot better!This is how my day went....

Thomas woke up and threw a tantrum
Changed Thomas' nappy and he threw a tantrum
Took too long to make Thomas' porridge and he threw a tantrum
Got Thomas dressed and he threw a tantrum

So i threw a tantrum over all the tantrums and put him back to bed

Thomas woke up and went to his end of term playgroup party at one of those kids playlands

Took off Thomas' jumper and he threw a tantrum
Tried to get Thomas out of the ballpit and he threw a tantrum

By this time its oh, only about 11am! But he did perk up a bit after his morning tea, and when he realised that he could go back in the ballpit! You'd think the kid had never seen a bunch of coloured balls before. He has a set at home he never plays with for heavens sake!

About 12, i ordered us some lunch. A plate of hot chips. It took 40 mins to get it. You can imagine that somebody probably threw a tantrum...

Left the playland. Got home, Thomas is asleep in his car seat. Of course, he wakes up when i stop the car. It then takes me an hour to get him back to sleep, because apparently, according to Thomas, 5 minutes sleep in the car is equivalent to an afternoon nap.

Jira rings and needs to be picked up from my brother's place in an hour (they car pooled to work). But i need meat for dinner, so i decide to run down to the shopping centre to go to the butcher before i go get him.

Walk into the centre, and hear someone yelling my name. Its Michelle, a girl i used to work with when i worked for a travelling photography studio. She begs me to let them take Thomas' photo, because they only need three more customers to get their bonus for the day. I remember vividly how hard it is to get your bonuses, so i go back on my vow, to never ever photograph my child in a bucket of flowers. (ok, well, its not quite that bad. He wouldnt sit in the bucket. He did get to model a cowboy hat tho..........shame.)

Go buy meat. Go back to the carpark. Now here is the part that will beat anybody else's bad day.

I strap Thomas into his car seat, put all our bags in with him, including my handbag. He was starting to get cranky so i gave him the keys to play with, as i often do. Without thinking, I shut the door (this i dont normally do). I go to put the stroller in the back of the ute and i see the lights on the car blink twice. The sign that the car is locked. With my 11month old child inside. With the keys in his chubby little hands. Yep, he locked himself in the car.

Well, if you ever look up the definition of FREAKING OUT, there'd be a little photo of me there. Thankgod, for some reason, i'd put my phone in my pocket (its normally in my bag, which was locked in the car). I rang Jira, who was already at my brothers house, and pretty much screamed at him to get down here with his keys NOW! I then spent the next 15 minutes pulling faces and playing peekaboo through the windows at Thomas, in an attempt to keep him happy and calm until the boys got there. I must have looked like a right royal idiot, lord only knows what people thought i was doing. But it worked. He was happy as larry the whole time he was stuck in the car.

About 10 minutes later the boys arrived to spring the baby. And i burst into tears. The baby was fine, he didnt know any different, but i was just so shocked, and so relieved! Plus, Im pretty sure my brothers will tease me about this til the day i die. They already tease me about a few "blonde" moments ive had in years past, but truly, this one takes the cake.

Fortunately though, the rest of the day was less eventful!

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Jenni aka Ozegirl said...

Oh Lani I feel for you, I really do!! One of these days though you are going to miss these eventful days and tantrums galore - *ducking for cover* - but from one blonde to another - we really do have more fun. Who else gets to play peek-a-boo in a carpark legitimately?? lol