Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you read on an e reader......

You have to check out this site!


One of the girls at Gingerscraps reccomended it to me, and i am in seventh heaven. Its like walking into a bookstore and the assistant saying, take whatever you want, free of charge! (ok well minimum charge)

In short, you pay a fee to become a member of the site (i paid $11.95 US for a one month membership to check it out and just upgraded to lifetime membership for $125.00 US - ridiculously cheap when you consider that in a bookstore, you'd only get about 3 books for that price) and as long as you are a member, you have access to download any of the ebooks they have on the site. And let me tell you, they have HEAPS!

Ive downloaded all my favourite books (ie-twilight series, sookie stackhouse series, the tomorrow when the war began series....and so many more) to read again, plus a ton of books ive been wanting to read forever.

They have all the new releases, plus a bunch of older books too. AND if they dont have a book you want to read, you can request it!

Seriously, i cant say enough good things about the site. If you read on an e reader (i use my iphone) you need to join this site. Let me know if you do! We can be forum friends! :-)

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