Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a cute lil something...

That Thomas is doing now.

He's just turned 14 months, and is MR INDEPENDENT. In a big way. His latest thing is his milk cup.

We give him his milk about 5 minutes before he goes to bed, and every now and then throughout the day, especially if hes cranky.

He walks around the house sipping on it, until i take it off him and put it back in the fridge. Well, that was causing some drama, because he would cry when i took it off him (even tho he was done drinking, he was just playing with it or deliberately spilling it around the house). SO i said to him "ok then you put your milk cup away please".

His little face lit up like it was christmas. He was so proud to toddle over to the fridge, and carefully place his cup on the shelf when i opened it for him. He even stands it back up if it falls over when he puts it down. Then he gets to carefully close the fridge door before its bedtime.

Its become his little ritual and its so cute! He just thinks he is so clever, and so do i! lol

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