Tuesday, February 08, 2011

19 months / 19 weeks

Gawd, I havent even mentioned on here that were expecting baby #2! But we are, and I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant. Coincidentally, Thomas is 19 months this week. So heres a few bits and pieces about both my babies at 19 months and 19 weeks (pregnant)

This pregnancy has been on the rough side. In comparison to my pregnancy with Thomas anyway. I was deathly sick from 5 to 9 weeks. It wasnt a throwing up kind of sick, just an all day, severe nausea. I barely moved from the lounge. It took all my effort and energy just to feed Thomas and change his nappies. Mum came by on her way to and from work everyday and did some housework for me, and poor Nam had to pick up the rest on top of his weekday job, his weekend job and his tafe classes! It was an absolutely miserable few weeks. I felt really depressed most of the time. More than once i had the thought that i didnt want the baby.

But thankfully the nausea started to ease up around week 9. I got a little energy back, and started being able to function again. Thats when the throwing up began. I'd wake up feeling ok, have some breakfast, then all of a suddent id feel sick, throw up and then id be ok again. Its only been a handful of times, but its continued on right up til the current moment. I often feel off in the mornings now, if i dont actually throw up. But its so much better than the all day nausea!

I thought i started feeling bub move around 12 weeks. But i know for sure i could feel kicks at 15 weeks. At 19 weeks, i get a good few kicks a day, which is lovely. The baby's placenta is on the front wall of my uterus, which supposedly means ill feel less movement, but so far, i havent noticed a difference between this baby and my pregnancy with Thomas.

For most of my pregnancy so far, ive been 99% certain we were having a boy. We'd talked about calling him Olliver and in my mind, thats what id been calling him. I often said "him" outloud. We had our 19 week ultrasound on Friday, and turns out, were having a baby GIRL! Nam had been saying the whole time it was a girl, and we'd tried to gender sway but i thought our timing was off. Already having a little boy, were beyond thrilled to be having a little girl. So so excited.

Now as for our little boy!

I am AMAZED at how much he is trying to talk at the moment. He tries to copy many many words, everyday he comes out with something new. I'm the only one that understands him, but pronunciation will come with time! Some words he says somewhat clearly, and on a regular basis: Yes (yesh - so cute!), Thankyou (this is pronounced differently everytime), Raining, Windy, cheese........oh theres a bunch more, none of which i can think of right now!

He runs. Alot. He's quick.

Weve just started swimming lessons. He didnt really enjoy the first week (too much dunking under the water) but the last two weeks he's been very good. He getting so good at kicking his legs (or splashing like an elephant as i tell him).

Were back at playgroup for another year! Both of us enjoying it!

He loves the garbage truck. Every Wednesday, we listen for the truck and race to the door to watch when we hear it. Some of the garbage guys now wave or beep the horn for him. He gets so excited, its adorable.

He loves his blue puppy dog. He drags the thing around by its neck, cuddling it constantly. It's his comfort toy.

He has recently found the wiggles. And boy does he love them. We bought one dvd, that gets played on repeat most of the day (not that he watches it continually, he comes and goes between playing with his toys) He is slowly learning all the little dances and it makes me so happy watching him shake his lil butt and wave his arms around!

If you ask him about the little baby in mummy's belly, he comes over, lifts up my shirt and points to my belly button, or sometimes tickles my belly. :-)

He is all about his daddy at the moment. As soon as Nam gets home from work, hes all over him like a rash. He just wants to do or help with whatever Nam is doing, wether it be outside work, computer stuff or just putting a load of washing on. THe only time he wants me over Nam is if hes hurt, sick or when he wakes in the middle of the night. And while occasionally i would like an extra cuddle, it makes my heart happy to see the beautiful relationship that has grown between them. I know Nam was worried about the amount of time he spends at work, and how it would affect Thomas, but it just goes to show, its quality time over quantity.

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