Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories to Scrapbook

Lately, ive had so many little stories running thru my head - things i want to scrapbook but dont have the time. I want to start recording them here before i forget them.
So, in no particular order - Little memories i want to record in our scrapbooks...
  • Thomas loves his stuffed blue puppy. Its his comfort toy. His toy that he takes to bed, reads stories to and drags around the house. Its so adorable. I love that he has a special toy to cherish.
  • Thomas loves Trucks, excavators (dig digs!), cars, motorbikes, buses, trains...etc etc, you get the drift. Every wednesday morning he listens for the garbage truck (bin truck as he says) and runs to the door or window to watch. Some of the garbage truck drivers know him now and wave to him.
  • Since Felicity was born, he is ALL about Daddy. Which is necessary because of the amount of time im having to spend with her. But i admit, im a little jealous of how close they've become. I miss my little boy. Jira goes back to work next week, so i know things will likely return to normal once that happens, so im glad they've had these past 4 weeks together to really strengthen their bond
  • Thomas loves money. The little scammer cons almost everyone into handing over their loose change everytime they come over. How can u resist his sweet little face, innocently asking for "monies" for his "!". Hes also realised that we use the cards in our wallets to get money. He loves to help press the buttons at atms or on eftpos machines at the shops. He takes the cards out of wallets and tries to swipe them down the sides of our laptops, then starts pressing buttons hoping some money will spit out! lol
  • Thomas seems to have labeled Mel "pop mow mow" after obsessively watching Mel mow the lawn with his ride on mower. He says it so much that on Thomas' second birthday card, mum wrote "love Nanna and Pop (mow mow)" Lol!
  • Felicity is just beyond lovely. I just cant get enough of her. At 3.5 weeks i just love her so much, and cant even remember what it was like before she was part of the family. She is the absolute definition of instant love.
  • Thomas calls her bubba. He likes to point at my boobs and say "bubba milk". Last night we were reading old mcdonalds farm. When we got to the page about the cows, thomas looks at me, points at my boobs and says "bubba milk". Apparently he thinks of me as a cow now! lol.

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