Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Felicity at 11-12 weeks

This little girl of mine. Oh how she has confused me, and really made me throw out everything i thought i knew about parenting.
For 6 weeks she was really quite exhausting. She fed every 2-3hours, even all through the night, sometimes even more often than that. And she was soooooooooooo hard to settle! It would take minimum 1.5 hours to get her back to sleep after each feed then we'd be lucky to get an hour or two sleep before she was awake again. She was colicy and refluxy and just wanted to be held all of the time. She was lovely and beautiful and gosh we were all so in love with her, but we were also tired and frustrated.
And then came the horror week. At about 6.5 weeks she went thru a growth spurt. And i litterally did nothing but feed her and pace halls with her. For about 4 days i got about an hours sleep per night. By the Saturday i was an exhausted, emotional mess, unable to cope by myself any longer. Jira was doing his best to help but he couldnt stay home from work forever. So on the saturday morning i rang mum in tears and begged for help. She came over and took the kids and tidied my house while i slept for a few hours.
But that day seemed to mark the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one. She pretty much stopped sleeping during the day, but started sleeping well at night, going 6-10 hours between her last night feed and first morning feed.
She started taking a dummy. That has probably been the best thing to happen for her, and for us. That dummy helps so much with her windy belly and soothes her more than i expected. We had tried giving it to her from birth but she had always refused it, so we were surprised when she all of a sudden decided she liked it. But it was a welcome surprise! And now wherever Felicity is, a dummy isnt too far away just incase of a colic attack!
At 12 weeks, after barely sleeping at all during the day unless we held her, she has started napping again! and even settling herself with her dummy! Its fantastic to be able to get a few things done and spend some time with Thomas while she naps.

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